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Central Westchester Geriatric Committee Hosts Author John Leland at The Ambassador of Scarsdale

Attendees of the Central Westchester Geriatric Committee meeting (held at The Ambassador of Scarsdale recently) were delighted to meet and listen to John Leland—award-winning New York Times reporter and author of Hip: The History and Happiness is a Choice You Make: Lessons from a Year Among the Oldest Old--share stories from his encounters with six of New York’s eldest inhabitants and how they came to live a life with acceptance and joy.

What started as a series for his New York Times column, turned into an eye-opening and life-changing year for Leland himself. After scouring New York senior centers, nursing homes, assisted living facilities and the internet, John choose six people to spend a year learning from: Fred Jones, Ping Wong, John Sorensen, Helen Moses, Ruth Willig, and Jonas Mekas. Leland is quoted as saying “I initially thought, I can’t give these people up.”

Tune into our video below and listen as he shares stories from his year with these six wise New York elders, following introductions from George Latimer, The County Executive of Westchester and Mae Carpenter, Commissioner of Westchester County Dept. of Senior Programs and Services.

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