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Engaging Alzheimer's at The Ambassador of Scarsdale with Kerry Mills, MPA


In her 15-year career of working with seniors, Kerry C. Mills, MPA, has spent 14 of those directly serving people with Alzheimer's - earning recognition in the field as an Executive Director for several Alzheimer facilities, to the development of programs that provide a meaningful lifestyle for those living with the disease.  Mills also serves as the dementia coach for White Plains (New York) Hospital and is a member of the Multi-Disciplinary Team, a coalition of nonprofit agencies, law enforcement, and private industry professionals for the prevention of elder abuse in New York state. 

Here at The Ambassador of Scarsdale, Kerry Mills has served as a Dementia Coach for our Kindred team since our inception. Beyond education, our goal is to empower our care providers to have rich and engaging relationships with our residents living with dementia, positioning themselves as care partners allowing residents to live their lives. Tune in to the video below to learn more about Kerry, Engaging Alzheimer’s, and our passion and drive to create a loving and caring environment for all.