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FOX Optimal Living Wellness Program Thriving at The Ambassador of Scarsdale


As part of our many amenities we are delighted to have Fox Rehab—an aging adult rehabilitation group—on-site to provide multiple services for our residents. This partnership allows us to provide a unique, proactive approach to functional wellness. In addition to a full-time Exercise Physiologist, Physical, Occupational and Speech Therapists work under the supervision of a full-time Director of Rehabilitation Services. Wellness groups include a variety of exercise classes and offer a continuum of wellness programming before or after skilled therapies. These programs include Strength, Mobility and Balance, Yogalates, Sit and Fit, Meditation and Chair Volleyball, helping to maximize the quality of life while reducing healthcare costs.

In reviewing our 2017 year-end report we were delighted to see that community engagement with Fox was consistently above 90% with an engaged resident averaging 144.5 minutes of weekly activity. We were particularly impressed to learn of the significant decrease in the number of residents with falls in this same time period.                                                                                                            

“I am confident to report that our wellness program indeed minimized our residents’ risk of falls and hospitalizations. One in four Americans aged 65 and above falls each year, according to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Our results are impressive as we have reduced fall risk by half for residents from 12 months exposure on FOX programming” – Dr. Danny Alacar, Fox Optimal Living Rehab Director

Our partnership with Fox allows our team members, residents and families to become further educated on the tools required to help residents achieve optimal function, thus continually improving their quality of life. We saw a 57% decrease in hospitalizations resulting from 12 months of Fox program exposure. 

“Danny helped me with my walking, balance, strength, and legs. I’m now able to walk down from my room with just a cane, and I can get up from a standard chair now. Mehjabeen has been working on my shoulder and hand. I can make a fist now and hold things with my hand that I couldn’t before. I’m able to get my shirt off and on, use an electric shaver, and brush my teeth.” – William Murray, Ambassador Resident

We look forward to a continued partnership with Fox Rehab and further success for our residents here at The Ambassador of Scarsdale.