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Introducing Geri Brooks — our Vice President of Integrated Health Care



We’re honored to have so many passionate, hard-working, and dedicated employees at The Ambassador. Whether caring for our property, or on the front lines nurturing our residents — their continued commitment is something we cherish and feel inspired to share with you, our community.

Introducing Geri Brooks MSN, RN, CCM, CDP — our Vice President of Integrated Health Care

Geri joined our team in August 2016 and hasn’t looked back since. When asked why she choose The Ambassador, Geri explained that her role was a unique opportunity in the assisted living arena. It allows her to integrate our existing resident services while developing more services and collaborative external relationships — all to enhance the lives of our residents. Geri’s passion for her job is evident in her continued time spent caring for and listening to our residents. She remarked:

“Aging adults are filled with a wealth of experience and are privileged to have longevity.  But with longevity sometimes comes illness. To make a positive impact that can potentially assist a resident to feel better fills me with joy. I spend much time talking to our residents not only about their current self, but also their past experiences. I am lucky to be part of such rich lives willing to share with me.”

We would be remiss not to mention Geri’s accomplishments throughout her career. A Registered Nurse with a Master’s Degree, Geri is certified as a case manager and dementia practitioner, and has completed a Palliative Care education program. In addition to multiple awards over the years, Geri is currently an active Board Member of the Central Westchester Geriatric Committee, Westchester County Public Private Partnership, Alzheimer’s Association of Hudson Valley, and serves as Co-Chairperson for Caregivers Collaborative for the Westchester County Dept of Senior Programs & Services.

When asked what she feels makes The Ambassador different from other Assisted Living Facilities, Geri shared with us the following:

“The Ambassador is a beautiful building, and as Mr. Amba Sharma, owner, has said many times, it is what’s in the inside that is most important, as it is the team and the quality of care provided makes a positive difference in residents’ lives. The Ambassador provides services along the continuum of life — from independent, health issues, rehabilitative services, dementia care, and end of life, and Palliative Care is threaded into all our plans to provide optimal health.

At the Ambassador we’ve created an optimal environment for our residents through the relationships and services provided within our building. Fox Rehab—an aging adult rehabilitation group—is on-site to provide multiple services for our residents. This partnership allows us to provide a unique, proactive approach to functional wellness. In addition to a full-time Exercise Physiologist, Physical, Occupational and Speech Therapists work under the supervision of a full-time Director of Rehabilitation Services. Wellness groups include a variety of exercise classes and offer a continuum of wellness programming before or after skilled therapies. We have developed many relationships with other health care providers to bring the best services to our residents in their home, such as VNSW, Northwell Health Hospice of Westchester and Putnam and Alzheimer’s Association to name a few.”   

Stay tuned for more profiles of our cherished team members!